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Our predecessors discovered wine on tap whilst travelling in Italy 12 years ago. In keeping with an age old tradition of Italy we bring you the concept of wine on tap and wish to continue with the high quality of service of the previous owners. Where you can provide your customers with fresh, elegant and delicious wine at a great price.

• 80% less carbon footprint against bottled wine - no bottling, no labelling, no glass bottle, no caps, less weight in freighting, less space required to store same volume as bottled and easier handling

• More stable environment for the wine in stainless - no sunlight through bottle

• More affordable great wine at much better sell price

Our facility is located in the heart of Central Otago's Pinot Noir growing region giving our winemaker access to the best possible grapes.
The Sauvignon is sourced from a high quality vineyard in Marlborough. We bring to you a wine that has not seen the light of day until poured into your vessel, stored in stainless steel barrels and decanted into stainless steel kegs for delivery to your establishment.

• Better bottom line for owner - no ullage, no corking, no waste

• Much better quality control

• Own branding on wine - your own label


Wine on Tap is Hassle Free

Wine on tap good for business, good for the planet

Wine on tap from stainless steel kegs benefits the establishment owner in the following ways:

NO CAPITAL INVESTMENT - Winetap supplies the kegs and equipment

NO WASTE - Winetap keg wine has no packaging waste; no bottle waste; no wine lost to oxidation

NO HIDDEN COSTS - All costs are clearly outlined


FRESH "it's poured not stored"

Wine on tap means a perfect pour every time:

- an inert gas pushes the wine out of the keg to the tap preserving the remaining wine in the keg
- Wine cannot oxidize and will never be corked or vary in its quality
- each 20L keg contains 130 glasses the first being as fresh as the last

Our Services

Winetap provides our clients with a high quality, consistent wine. Our services include:

  • • keg and equipment rental

  • • delivery

  • • installation

  • • maintaining the lines and equipment



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